Visiting India


In its quest for modernisation, India has preserved its ancient civilization and never lost sight of the ideals that gave her strength through countless centuries. Science and technology provide the tools for improving the lot of its poor; but the nation of approximately one billion people (one-sixth of humanity) continues to live with some of its traditions that go back 4,000 years, and more.

In a world where nations, big and small, are breaking into micro entities, often with disastrous consequences, India has demonstrated its inherent resilience. This strength comes from its composite culture that has made India a truly vibrant democracy, a country where diversity gives unity.

"There is no parallel example in the world of a country of India's size and diversity seeking to bring about a massive social and economic transformation in the framework of a democratic polity and an open society committed to the rule of law and individual freedom", said Dr. Manmohan Singh, former Finance Minister of India.